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10 September 2033 @ 10:51 pm
art by me; done on ms paint, on a laptop touchpad. beat that, motherfuckers.
[ as of Feb '08, F-locked | comment to be added ]
As of May '10, this journal is defunct (no longer updated). Movement to Dreamwidth is official. To find out how to follow me on DW, go here.

My DreamWidth Journals are as follows:
[personal profile] pitseleh main journal, [personal profile] carbonek scrap journal, [personal profile] galehaut profic journal.

if you would like to follow my journal on dreamwidth without having to check two flists, please use this feed: pels_dw
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14 May 2010 @ 11:21 am
This entry is only on LJ because it's really only addressed to the people who follow me on LJ.

I'm leaving livejournal? It's just... it did some things about a month ago, that I was not okay with, and I sat down and really thought about it, and after a month, I still feel dirty whenever I use this website. I just don't like to. It is a personal choice that has no reflection on other people who do still use the site; it's cool that you do, I don't care. I just can't anymore.

This means I will no longer be crossposting all of my entries from Dreamwidth to Livejournal. If you'd like to continue to follow me on Dreamwidth, you have three options on how to do so:

• Follow the feed.

- You can make a feed by going here, and scrolling to the bottom of the page. At the part where it says 'Add Feed by URL', input '', so it looks like this. Then name the feed (Pels_DW? I don't know) and follow it. Tell me about it here so I can link it here. I'd make it myself, but it's something only paid accounts can do, and I have difficulties giving Livejournal money anymore1. FOLLOW THIS FEED HERE, pels_dw. Basically, this way, you don't have to check two flists, which I know is a major concern for some people?

- Please note that for the feed, please, please don't comment to the feed entries on LJ and expect me to reply; when you comment to feed entries, I don't get Emails. The feed entries only really alert you that I've posted, and provide you with a link to where; it's like following me on LJ, but you have to comment on DW.

• Use openID.

- You can make an OpenID by going here and inputting your livejournal url, so it looks like this (except with your actual username). IIRC, it should then send you an email or sommat, which you reply to, and viola! You have an OpenID. Then just tell me you have an OpenID, and I'll add you to my subscription filters and stuff, aaaand you're in!

- OpenIDs are pretty handy; you can upload icons and everything. Basically it's like having an account on DW except you can't post, but I'm pretty sure you can have a flist (it's called a dwircle on DW?) and stuff. I don't actually remember, but there's a whole Q&A about it here, I am just too lazy to read that shit, hey!

• Make an account.

- But Pel! You say, I need an access code to have an account on dreamwidth! Well, uh, I have at least seven access codes just lying around, and probably more if I cared to check right now >> I'd be happy to throw one your way.

- So, yeah, then just follow the links in the Email you'll get, or do it manually and input your code here, and wham bam thank you ma'am, you've got an account. Yes, this is the do-it-youself school of internet, I know, crazy web 2.0 shit.

So, through the cunning use of Feeds, OpenIDs and actual accounts, you, too, can continue to hear my inane ramblings on DW. Or, you know, not; I'm aware I've fallen out of touch with a few folks on LJ, and now is the perfect time to defriend or just not... continue to friend. Or whatever. You won't hurt my feelings; I had them surgically removed.

I will continue to check my flist on LJ, and occasionally comment, but I can't see myself really keeping up with LJ after a certain point. BUT YEAH I will try to comment and stuff. I love you all, or at least most of you. Some. I am terrible with platitudes today.

So if I see you, that's great, and if I don't, well, it was nice seeing you when I did.

Now to press 'update' and see all of the terrible html errors an entry like this has inevitably wrought2.

1 - This is not a guilt trip. Mostly. Sort of.
2 - I BLAME YOU NIX. If not for you, I wouldn't've tried to format all of the fucking bullet points.
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17 January 2010 @ 03:04 pm
no seriously this just happened.



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15 November 2009 @ 08:40 pm
There was a point today in which I was going to explain how my day went, since it was a trial period for a job I really want, and if I did well, I might get the job and a major stresser in my life would be over, and I really hope I get it, etc etc. After mulling it over, I think this diagram sums it up better than I could.

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09 August 2007 @ 10:07 am

He is the lead singer from The Pogues. HIS DENTISTRY IS DONE WITH A BRICK.
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